By: Anthony Morelli

The Second Amendment is stronger after one stunning victory.

Chuck Schumer tried to stop this bill from passing but he failed.

Now gun owners across America are rejoicing after their rights became more secure.

Up until now, the federal government has had an awful system in place that has made it very difficult for veterans to own guns.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a number of resources available to veterans to help them with life necessities like managing their finances.

Many veterans across America avail themselves of these resources. But there is a price to be paid for that.

Under federal law, the Department of Veterans Affairs was required to rat these veterans out to the FBI, which then labeled them as mentally unfit to own a gun.

Because of that, veterans were having their guns taken away for no other reason than because they sought help from the federal government to keep their life in order.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana knew that something had to be done to fix this mess.

He put forward an amendment to change this system, and despite opposition from Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, he managed to get it passed.

According to Fox News, “The Senate passed an amendment introduced by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., that protects veterans’ Second Amendment rights if the Department of Veterans Affairs steps in to manage their financial benefits.

“The Senate voted 53 to 45 Wednesday in approval of the amendment.”

Here’s what Kennedy had to say about it: “Veterans who sacrificed to defend our Constitution shouldn’t see their own rights rest on the judgment of unelected bureaucrats—but right now, they do.

“My amendment would prevent government workers from unduly stripping veterans of their right to bear arms. Every veteran who bravely serves our country has earned VA benefits, and it’s wrong for the government to punish veterans who get a helping hand to manage those resources.”

Since this amendment is attached to a must-pass appropriations bill, it is likely to become law, although it still has some procedural hoops to jump through.

But gun-owning veterans are giddy with anticipation over seeing this unfair system finally come to an end.

The article continues, “Under current law, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports a veteran’s name to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System when they seek help managing their finances in a conservatorship.”

People who bravely served their country in the military should be treated well afterwards, not treated with suspicion by a government that seeks to strip them of their basic rights.

Democrats were happy to keep this system in place and allow veterans to have their constitutional rights taken away despite having done nothing wrong.

But finally, someone in D.C. has stepped up to the plate and taken bold legislative action to protect the Second Amendment rights of veterans.

Sen. John Kennedy has managed to pass one of the most important Second Amendment bills in years through the Senate, and finally veterans will be getting their rights back.