By: Kayleigh Hamilton

After the Hamas attacks, Jewish Americans want to protect themselves.

They have seen the antisemitism of leftists like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

And they are buying guns for self-defense like never before.

Antisemitic demonstrations are happening across America in support of the terrorist group Hamas and their attack on Israeli civilians.

Jewish people are under threat in a way that they haven’t been in years, mostly from young leftists who view them as “oppressors.”

But many of them are not willing to simply sit back and be victims. They are taking their personal defense into their own hands and buying guns.

Historically, Jewish Americans have been a left-leaning group. But that is changing in the wake of the Hamas attacks, and the overt support of Islamic terrorism that young Americans have shown.

They are realizing that the Left is not going to protect or help them, and many of them are rethinking their entire political worldview.

That is showing up in gun sales numbers. Many gun store owners are now reporting a strong uptick in sales to Jewish Americans who want to protect themselves and their families from harm.

According to Fox News, “Amid heightened antisemitism and pro-Palestinian demonstrations, Jewish Americans in California are taking new measures to protect themselves and their families.

“According to one store owner, there has been a surge in Jews and Israelis buying firearms for the first time.”

“Burbank Ammo and Guns processed 203 firearms safety certificate tests in October 2023 compared to 45 last year, marking a more than 450% increase.

“In California, the safety tests are required for individuals purchasing a firearm for the first time.”

The fact that this is happening in California, a state with incredibly onerous gun control restrictions, is even more telling.

Many of these first-time gun owners are likely people who lean liberal and vote Democrat regularly. They may not have liked guns before this, but they have changed their mind in the wake of the Hamas attacks.

It’s not just California either. The article goes on to say, “The same trend has been observed in Georgia, where a gun store owner reported a 30% increase in business fueled mostly by Jewish Americans buying their first guns.”

It’s hard to blame them with the type of antisemitic rage and overt support for Islamic terrorism that has spread like a virus through the minds of young Americans.

The article continues, “Since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, pro-Palestinian support has surged in the U.S. particularly on college campuses. Paired with the increase in pro-Hamas support has been an alarming rise in antisemitism.”

Young people increasingly believe that Jews are the “oppressors” that their liberal professors have warned them about in school, and that “POC” (which means “people of color” in their jargon) have been oppressed by the Jews. And they are taking their anger to the streets.

Seeing all of this unfold, it is no wonder that Jewish Americans are deciding it’s time to take action to protect themselves and their families.