By: Anthony Morelli

Gun owners in New York are in serious danger.

They already live in one of the most hostile states in America to the Second Amendment.

But one Democrat lawmaker delivered them a chilling threat that stunned everybody.

Democrats are terrified of technology that allows for gun owners to build their own guns without the government knowing about it.

They want every gun owner on a list so that they can easily track them, and eventually take their guns away.

But technology is giving gun owners a method of averting their watchful eyes, and it is driving anti-gun politicians absolutely crazy.

Now they are throwing everything at the wall to try to shut this down to make sure that they are able to track who owns guns and how many.

They are even cracking down on 3D printers themselves in order to accomplish this goal.

3D printers are one of the newest pieces of technology that provides gun owners with a method of creating their own guns.

But one anti-gun Democrat lawmaker in New York wants to make sure that they never get that opportunity.

According to, a technology news website, “A recently-submitted bill in the New York State assembly would require anyone who buys a 3D printer to undergo a criminal background check which could take up to 15 days to complete. Sponsored by Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar, bill A8132 would target any ‘three-dimensional printer sold in this state, which is capable of printing a firearm, or any components of a firearm’ and require retailers in the state to request a criminal history from the state’s division of criminal justice services. According to the text of the bill, the commissioner of criminal justice services will have up to 15 days to review the purchaser’s criminal history and decide if they can buy the printer.

“While the goal of bill A8132 seems to be preventing the manufacture of so-called ghost guns — unregistered firearms made at home —  it actually would restrict the sale of pretty much any consumer 3D printer in the state. The firearm enthusiast publication Gun Digest gives the very popular Creality Ender 3 V2 its highest recommendation for firearm printing and it also recommends the Prusa i3 MK3S+. Both of those are bedslinger-style FDM printers so, if you could print a gun with them, you could print a gun with any 3D printer.”

It seems that New York politicians are going to some pretty wild extremes to track down who owns guns in their state, presumably so they can eventually take them away.

They won’t even allow their own citizens to acquire pieces of technology like 3D printers, for fear that they will use them to create guns for their own protection.

The New York State Assembly is so committed to cracking down on gun owners that they are willing to invade the privacy of everybody.

And all citizens of New York, including gun owners, should be afraid of the consequences of what New York politicians are about to do.