In Mississippi and Elsewhere, COVID Making Shooting Sports Even More Popular

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Prevented from taking part in traditional organized school sports, kids are participating in 5-stand, skeet, trap, and sporting clays,

VACATION IDEA: ‘Firearms Wonderland,’ Canyon Madness Ranch, New Mexico

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At Canyon Madness Ranch (CMR), though, you don’t have to choose between being remote and having access to amenities.

Ready, Set, SHOT Show! A Guide to 13 Miles of Gun Stuff

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Attendees can look forward to new products, seminars, networking not found anywhere else, as well as anything and everything related to the outdoors in one place.

Texas Governor Awards $1 Million to Gun Safety Initiative

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has approved $1 million in grant funding for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to provide firearms safety training and educational materials to Texan communities.

My Favorite Products and Techniques for Cleaning My Firearms

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If you properly clean your guns, they will last for generations to come.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Awards Development Grants to Eight Shooting Ranges

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To qualify for the grant, a shooting range must demonstrate that their project would have a substantive public benefit.

Looking for a Vacation Idea? 10 Places for the Gun Enthusiast to Visit This Summer

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When you're hitting the road this summer, be sure to plan to keep these destinations in mind.

Springfield Armory Partners with Hillsdale College Pistol and Rifle Team

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Springfield Armory is joining forces with a pro-liberty college to promote and support the Second Amendment and shooting sports.

Instructor Aims to Give Free Firearms Training to 900 Women this Weekend

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"A lot of rumors and wives’ tales are dismissed as pure folly, and women are able to experience shooting for themselves."

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