By: Ashleigh Meyer

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has approved $1 million in grant funding for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to provide firearms safety training and educational materials to Texan communities.

The grant will go specifically to the NSSF’s award-winning Project ChildSafe Program, which aims to ensure genuine firearms safety through education and awareness on proper firearms handling and storage. With the help of local law enforcement agencies, Project ChildSafe distributes firearm safety kits to gun owners across America. The kits include a cable-style gun locking device and information on how to secure the weapon to prevent unauthorized use.

On expressing his excitement to partner with the Texas, NSSF President Joe Bartozzi said, “We’ll be reminding gun owners that there’s a safe storage option that fits their lifestyle—whether it’s a gun lock, lock box, or full-size gun safe—that will help keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Gov. Abbott, a second-term Republican, is facing mounting pressure from the left to act on gun reform after two deadly shootings took place in his state this August. He has drafted the Texas Safety Action Report, which aims to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals while protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.” The report details recommendations for reform, including stricter penalties for the illegal possession of guns, prohibiting straw purchases (or buying a gun for an individual who cannot buy one for themselves) at the state level, and making it easier to conduct voluntary background checks in private, person-to-person gun sales.

Ashleigh Meyer is a professional writer, and Conservative political correspondent from Virginia.