By: Teresa Mull

Eight-year-old Autumn Fry is doing something that’s driving the left crazy: the little blonde girl from Pennsylvania is safely using firearms and showing the world how it’s done.

Fry is from Pennsylvania and hosts a YouTube channel with 161,000 followers in which she tests various weapons under the supervision of her father, Randy.

7NewsNow, an Australian news site, is fascinated with Fry, calling her “the poster child for pro-gun America.”

The station reports:

According to her father, [Autumn] is a gun lover and, despite her young age, is already a professional at handling guns.

“Children are the future of guns in America and Autumn is an amazing role model for our future,” Randy says.

Fry also boasts nearly 50,000 Instagram followers – and counting. Check her out here:

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.