By: Randy Tucker

Shooting with a bipod provides more stability than any other platform, allowing the shooter to stabilize more than any other mount.

Shooting from a corner post on a fence, a shooting bench, or even sandbags doesn’t provide the locked-in security of squeezing off a shot from the stability of bipods mounted directly to the stock of your rifle.

The only problem with bipods in previous applications was the inability to track a target horizontally without being forced to move and reset.

The Australian firm Boscabel, located in Western Australia, Southeast of Perth, has solved that problem with their Atlas Adapter bipod. Along with their Bel-TF foot adapter for the Atlas system, a shooter has the choice of four different feet by which to attach to their bipod. A titanium spike foot, a standard rubber foot, a 3-claw padfoot, and a magnetic foot provide the shooter with a variety of choices to carefully match the terrain they’re setting up on.

The Atlas Bipod allows 17 degrees of horizontal movement, allowing a shooter to close in on a moving target without having to reposition their weapon.

When you’ve locked in for a long range shot on a big game animal, calculated the wind velocity, and allowed for distance, the last thing you want to do is reposition your weapon and recalculate for another shot. The ability to traverse as your target moves in the distance is a magnificent innovation that aids shooter from novice to Olympic level professional.

Specifics on the Bel-TF system and many other innovative devices can be found on the Boscabel web-site at or through marketing connections.
Gun Industry Marketplace is another convenient way to learn about these innovative products. They can be reached at

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