By: Ashleigh Meyer

Following a sweeping electoral win for Democrats in Virginia, gun control has been a hot topic of discussion in a state suddenly at risk of losing Second Amendment freedoms. Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, however, has vowed to protect the Constitution and the freedoms enshrined therein.

“If the legislature decides to restrict certain weapons I feel harms our community, I will swear in thousands of auxiliary deputies in Culpeper. There’s no limit to the number of people I can swear in,” Jenkins stated at a Board of Supervisors meeting last week.

On social media, he added, “Every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia will see the consequences if our General Assembly passes further unnecessary gun restrictions. ‘Red Flag’ laws without due process will create enormous conflict as well.

“America has more guns than citizens and murder has long been illegal. At best, the proposed gun restrictions will disarm or handicap our law-abiding in their defense and possibly cause a criminal to choose another tool for evil.”

Despite what liberal population centers like Richmond and Charlottesville would have you believe, the spirit of patriotism and rebellion is as alive as it ever was in Virginia. It was at the December 4th Supervisors meeting that Culpeper followed in the footsteps of more than 40 counties across the Old Dominion, declaring themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuary counties. Much like immigrant sanctuaries, law enforcement in these localities has declared that restrictive and unconstitutional gun laws will not be enforced.

Sheriff Jenkins says he remains optimistic and believes Virginia’s legislature will not pass sweeping and restrictive gun measures. Governor Northam, though, has promised swift action and has the numbers on his side to pass eight restrictive measures that failed to pass when the legislature was Republican-controlled. Some of the measures include banning so-called “dangerous” “assault-style” weapons and accessories, limiting hand-gun purchases to once a month, and of course, enacting “red-flag” gun confiscation laws.

Ashleigh Meyer is a professional writer and Conservative political correspondent from Bedford County, Virginia.