By: Steven Koskulitz

After being attacked and hospitalized, Hillsborough, Florida bus driver Schnaider Prophete is calling for bus drivers who are licensed to be allowed to carry guns on the job.

The Tampa Bay Times reports a rider attacked Prophete using mace and a box cutter. Prophete was forced to undergo surgery. The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority has installed safety shields around bus drivers and plan to install more of them soon. While Prophete acknowledges the safety shields are “better than nothing,” he believes the transit agency should go further to protect drivers. He is an army veteran and said he feels less safe without a gun close by.

Prophete said:

“When I was in the Army, whenever I went out on a mission, I was properly equipped for that mission. We are not.

“For those of us who qualify, we should have the right to carry our own defense.”

Steven Koskulitz is a conservative writer from northern Virginia.

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