By: Teresa Mull

A quick news search for the “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) would lead you to believe gun rights group who oppose the bill are anti-women or worse – that they are promoting violence against females in America.

“House Passes Bill Protecting Domestic Abuse Victims,” reads an NPR headline, without a word about the devastating, unconstitutional gun control the bill is seeking to sneak into law.

Though you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, the VAWA, should it become law, would enact a federal red flag gun confiscation law which could easily be abused and make life even more dangerous for victims of domestic abuse.

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) has aptly labeled this bill “Sheila Jackson Lee’s gun control Trojan horse.” Shelia Jackson Lee, remember, is the same person promoting HR 127, which contains about every provision a rabid gun grabber could dream of.

NAGR reports:

Among its blatant infringements on the Second Amendment are provisions that would:

*** Strip scores of women of their right to own a firearm for life if their violent ex-spouse accuses them of being a stalker, even if charges are never filed.

*** Incite local SWAT teams to hunt down and arrest law-abiding gun owners who try to purchase a firearm without knowing they’ve been erroneously or unconstitutionally placed on the federal government’s “no guns” list.

To be frank, H.R. 1620 does more to cause violence against women than it does to protect them.

With the red flag provision in place, a stalker, abuser, even a perfect stranger, could claim another person caused him or her “emotional distress,” and that’s enough – without proof – to have a person’s guns taken away. And there’s no due process. The gun owner – or former gun owner – is then guilty until proven innocent.

What’s more, reports, under this law, anyone convicted of misdemeanor stalking, “a crime that need not involve violence, threats, or even a victim the offender knows,” could have his or her gun rights permanently stripped.

Note that this law could be flipped on its head, and male stalkers and aggressors would be just as able to accuse females of distress and take their means to self-defense away as women trying to protect themselves from violence would be.

This bill, of course, is not about keeping women safe. It’s about taking away more freedoms from law-abiding Americans and making us dependent upon Big Brother, thus empowering power-hungry Democrats even more.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.