By: Teresa Mull

A handful of states are in the process of making the Second Amendment a stronger part of their laws.

South Carolina

The South Carolina House just voted to allow people with a CCW permit to open carry. NRA-ILA notes, “South Carolina is one of just five states that does not explicitly allow open carry, among them Illinois, New York, and California.”

“‘This bill brings us in line with the vast majority of the country,’ said lead bill sponsor Rep. Bobby Cox, a Republican from Greenville,” according to the Herald Sun.

South Carolina legislators are also slated to debate a Constitutional Carry bill that would enable law-abiding South Carolinians to exercise their Second Amendment rights without first asking the government permission.


In addition to making Utah a Constitutional Carry state this year, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox has signed two pro-gun bills, H.B. 216 and H.B. 227, into law.

H.B. 216, according to its own language, “provides that a provisional concealed carry permit holder may, before age 21, apply for a concealed carry permit that becomes valid at age 21; clarifies requirements for renewal permits; clarifies the law regarding the ability of provisional permit holders to carry concealed weapons on certain school premises; and makes technical and conforming changes.”

H.B. 227 “addresses the justifiable use or threatened use of force” and clarifies the state’s self-defense laws.


House Bill 2588 just passed the Oklahoma House. If HB 2588 becomes law, it would enable authorized personnel in possession of a permit to carry handguns on school property if they adhere to school board policies.

North Dakota

Members of North Dakota’s House have passed several bills pertaining to gun rights, including bills aimed at protecting North Dakotans from unconstitutional federal gun control laws, lessening the penalty for carrying a gun on school or church grounds, and protecting gun and ammo manufacturers from lawsuits.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.