By: Teresa Mull

Gun grabbers – including some Republicans – are looking to make gun control a part of the most recent COVID-19 stimulus package, reports the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR).

NAGR sent a message to supports, warning:

Now that Congress is back from recess, the calls for more COVID-19 relief are deafening.

While your grassroots pressure forced Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to denounce all calls for another stimulus deal, he has since flip-flopped his stance.

Now, McConnell is considering many different packages to send to President Trump.

So make no mistake, the Gun Control Lobby is eyeing this as another opportunity to ram through gun control.

Unfortunately, Senate Republicans are looking to make a compromise, and it may include our gun rights.

President Trump has been pressing for payroll tax cuts in the next stimulus package.

That means if any sort of gun control is wrapped into this legislation, many Senate Republicans may jump ship to sneak through a gun control scheme.

The anti-gun Leftists are licking their chops to slip-in:

*** “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation

“Red Flag” Gun Confiscation allows a disgruntled neighbor or ex-spouse to file a complaint against you, allowing SWAT teams to raid your home and confiscate your firearms.

Worse yet, you can’t even defend yourself in court if an order is filed against you!

*** VAWA

There have also been rumors of a reauthorization of the so-called Violence Against Women Act being added in.

The current version of VAWA would actually strip tens of thousands of law-abiding women and men of their right to possess a firearm, based off decades-old complaints from ex-dating partners, without due process.

It is “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation with a more palatable name.

However, these are only two examples of the gun control being discussed amongst the gun grabbers.

That’s why we need to send a message on Capitol Hill.

NAGR invites pro-gun patriots to sign its petition here.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.