By: Friedrich Seiltgen

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The Swiss are at it again!

Our friends at B&T just introduced their SPC9 carbine for the American market.   Gunpowder readers might remember the review of their APC9K, which is now the official sub-compact weapon of the U.S. Army.

Now, B&T has come out with a similar version that incorporates features from the APC9, the MP5 and AR-15 platforms!

Here’s the Press Release from B&T:

Tampa, FL (January 13, 2022) – B&T USA is excited to introduce its all-new SPC9-series. Born from a European tender requesting a 9mm carbine with the same handling characteristics and ergonomics as the AR platform; the all-new SPC9 incorporates many of the features found on the B&T APC9, MP5 and AR platforms combined into one, very versatile platform.  Lightweight and reliable, well balanced, and accurate, safe and modular — the SPC9 checks all the boxes and is one of the lightest recoiling 9mm carbines available, thanks to B&T’s innovative and effective hydraulic buffer system.

“As is the case with virtually every product B&T develops, the SPC9 was created because a professional entity asked us to do it” said Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales, B&T USA.  “B&T developed the SPC9-series at the request of a European Police Unit, who immediately adopted it in large numbers.  Since that time, several variants have been developed to meet other needs and B&T USA will be offering five variations, to start.  Those are inclusive of a 4.5-inch barreled PDW, integrally suppressed PDW-SD, 9-inch Standard, integrally suppressed Standard SD and a 16-inch carbine slated for later in the year.”

Some of the features found on the SPC9 are time proven while others are state-of-the-art and modern.  One of the unique features of SPC9-series is that it is equipped with two different charging handle systems.  One of these is the handle found on AR platforms, while the other is a non-reciprocating, foldable charging handle located above the barrel. This gives the user the choice to use whatever manual of arms that is preferred; both systems are ambidextrous.

The SPC9 is so much of a hybrid that it’s been nicknamed the “Frankengun.” Built by request for a European Police agency, the SPC9 was to have the same handling characteristics as the AR-15 platform. The reason given was that the agency wanted a low-cost training tool that used 9mm instead of 5.56 or .300AAC ammunition.

As usual, B&T products are versatile, and they’ve added the option of changing out the lower receiver in order to use other manufacturers duty pistol magazines. The standard lower is for B&T magazines, a second lower designed to use any Glock double stack magazine, including the 11-round G26, or a third that uses SIG P320/M17 magazines!

The SPC9 is designed with two different charging handle systems. One is an AR-style system, and the second is a folding MP5ish, non-reciprocating charging handle mounted above the barrel. Both systems are ambidextrous as well as all controls. You lefties out there got lucky as the designer is also left-handed!

The barrel is cold hammer forged, and since B&T produces silencers for HK, it has the HK style 3-lug attachment.

The stock and handgrip are AR platform inspired and are replaceable with AR-type components.


Action Type: Semi-Automatic, Blowback with Hydraulic Buffer.

Caliber: 9 X 19mm

Magazine capacity: Varies, Glock lower will accept 33rdMagazine.

Sights: Aimpoint T-Series W/Riser with Emergency Co-Witness Flip up Sights

Barrel Length: 4.5, 9, or 16 inches

Overall Length: Varies

Weight: Varies

MSRP: Unknown at this time.  Most likely in the $2,500 to $3,000 range


Since the 16” barreled carbine does not come out ’til later this year, you’ll have to set up a gun trust or wait a bit longer to try one out.

That’s all for now folks! Please keep sending in your questions, tips, and article ideas. And as always – “Let’s be careful out there.”

Friedrich Seiltgen is a retired Master Police Officer with 20 years of service with the Orlando Police Department. He conducts training in Lone Wolf Terrorism, Firearms, First Aid, Active Shooter Response, and Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations in Florida. His writing has appeared in RECOIL, The Counter Terrorist Magazine, American Thinker, Homeland Security Today, and The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International. Contact him at