by Kayleigh Hamilton

Gun owners celebrated a shocking and unexpected victory.

A major new decision has changed everything.

And now a gun control law has been taken off the books.

Often times when gun control laws are challenged in court, judges are afraid to rock the boat and make controversial decisions to overturn them.

They know that if they expand gun rights, they will be relentlessly criticized by the media, and they’d prefer to just stay under the radar.

But every now and then, a judge puts that aside and simply decides to do what is right according to their oath to defend the Constitution.

That is what happened when the Supreme Court decided the Bruen case and recognized the constitutional right to carry guns in public.

The gun control lobby had a meltdown when they made this decision, but the Supreme Court did the right thing and now the Second Amendment is in a stronger place than it was before.

Now, another decision has come down from a panel of judges who were ruling on a Pennsylvania law, and they made the bold decision to stand up for the Second Amendment.

According to CBS News, “Young adults in Pennsylvania cannot be arrested for openly carrying guns in public during a declared state of emergency, at least while a court fight over the issue plays out, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

“The 3rd U.S. Circuit judges, in a 2-1 decision, relied on the U.S. Supreme Court’s influential so-called Bruen decision to find that 18- to 20-year-olds enjoy the same Second Amendment rights as other citizens, just as they do the right to vote.

“The panel meanwhile revived the lawsuit that challenges the Pennsylvania ban, which a district judge had dismissed.”

What this decision means is that the government cannot simply invalidate the Second Amendment by declaring a so-called “state of emergency,” no matter what the emergency might be.

This takes power out of the government’s hands and keeps it with the people of Pennsylvania, where it belongs.

The article continues, “The case is one of many filed around the country by gun rights groups that seek to chip away at gun control measures passed by state and local lawmakers.

“The Bruen decision said that judges, to uphold the bans, must look to the nation’s history and tradition when evaluating gun control measures. Courts have since struck down restrictions involving domestic abusers, nonviolent felons, marijuana users and others.”

Of course, the gun control lobby is furious about this and is scrambling to figure out how to respond.

According to the article, “A lawyer for gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety called the ruling ‘misguided’ and said it could cost lives.”

Much to the gun control lobby’s chagrin, the Second Amendment is now stronger in Pennsylvania than it was before, and the rights of Pennsylvania citizens have been protected.

And perhaps judges across the country will now see this and feel more emboldened to do the right thing and protect gun rights.