By: Kayleigh Hamilton

Guns are now being used in one state to protect children.

Responsible adults with guns will finally be allowed to keep children safe.

And anti-gunners are furious as their worst nightmare is coming true.

Gun rights advocates have been saying for years that the best way to stop school shootings is to allow responsible and well-trained adults in the school to carry guns, or at least have them available.

After all, there is no faster way to stop one of these horrific events than for someone who is physically in the building to take immediate action to stop the shooter.

But gun control supporters don’t like this, since it takes aim right at the heart of the very core of their argument, which is that guns are inherently bad no matter whose hands they are in.

Most schools to this day do not allow guns to be carried in the building in any capacity, except by a police officer.

But the state of Missouri is changing that, and they are going to try to protect children by allowing more staff in school buildings to be armed.

According to Bearing Arms, “Educators and administrators in Missouri are already legally allowed to carry on the job if they’ve been designated a ‘School Protection Officer’ by their local school district, but a new piece of legislation would expand the existing SPO program to allow ‘other designated personnel’ to do the same. HB 1440 received broad approval in the House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education, with lawmakers voting 14-3 in favor of the legislation, but the bill still has its critics.”

Who are the critics? Well, of course, they are people who think all guns are bad no matter what.

The article continues, “Rather than objecting to the expansion of the School Protection Officer program, however, it sounds like most of the naysayers are simply opposed to armed school staff in general.”

Here is what one of them, Roger Franklin with the Springfield Action Center, had to say: “So now the teacher has to fear, do I have to shoot a kid or shoot an adult that comes into school? I get it; we have to protect our kids. We’re all about that. But I think that us having our teachers and our administration, being able to carry the guns inside of the school just adds more fuel to the fire to me.”

Of course, he doesn’t give any justification for why it “adds more fuel to the fire,” other than he just doesn’t like guns and thinks having more of them in a school is a bad thing.

Many of these people don’t have experience with guns and are nervous around them because of their lack of familiarity.

But that is their own personal problem. Guns in the hands of the right people can save lives, including in school buildings.

And this experiment with armed school staff in Missouri is a necessary one that could lead other states to try something similar if it is successful.