By: Anthony Morelli

CNN has made it their mission to end the Second Amendment.

They have devoted themselves to gun control.

And now they are using their network to relentlessly attack innocent gun owners.

Perhaps no network best exemplifies the concept of “audience capture” than CNN. They realized a few years back that most of their audience was liberal, and they wanted to hear things that they agreed with.

Many people who watch cable news already have their minds made up about the issues, and they only watch the news so that they can be reassured about how correct they are.

So instead of reporting straight news stories, CNN began feeding their audience red meat that they could nod their heads to.

This is called “audience capture,” and it has absolutely destroyed a number of major news organizations.

Now, in order to appease their audience, CNN has begun attacking gun rights.

They know that most people who watch their network are upscale liberals who are afraid of guns and skeptical of gun owners.

And since their entire goal as a network is to tell these people that they’re right, they are now pushing gun control on their channel.

According to Bearing Arms, “When the Gulf War broke out, darn near every American household was tuned to CNN. They had people in Baghdad and were reporting like no one else. It was a wonder of the modern age and as someone who grew up respecting journalism, it was something to behold.

“But that was, unfortunately, decades ago. Three of them, to be exact, plus a couple of years.

“The CNN of today isn’t doing groundbreaking reporting that literally no one else could do. Instead, they’re pushing an agenda.

“In fairness, this isn’t new, but with the DOJ report on Uvalde coming out last week, one would think they’d at least focus on what the report actually said. It outlined law enforcement failures that led to the death of so many innocent children.”

Unfortunately, CNN is doing exactly the opposite. They are using this opportunity to push the agenda that their audience expects them to push.

Bearing Arms links to an article from NewsBusters that reveals what CNN actually did: “On the day the Justice Department released a report on the mistakes local law enforcement made in handling the Uvalde, Texas, school massacre from May 2022, CNN coverage of the findings predictably turned to pushing more gun control as both Democrat and Republican guests appeared to discuss the findings.

“On Thursday’s CNN This Morning, State Senator Roland Gutierrez (D-TX) — who is also running for the U.S. Senate this year — was given un unchallenged forum to complain about his state’s Republican legislators opposing gun control.”

A key part of journalism is asking challenging questions of guests and digging into their views.

But CNN is doing exactly the opposite with their guests who support gun control.

And they have provided a crystal-clear example of why “audience capture” has become toxic for so many news organizations that are now committed to simply telling their viewers what they want to hear.