By: Teresa Mull

As if Nancy Pelosi needed another notch in her “This is why I shouldn’t be an elected official” belt, the Democratic House Minority Leader from California just promised voters her party would make taking away your guns a priority next session if the Dems take the majority during the midterms.

Pelosi met with Parkland, Florida shooting survivors last week. According to the Miami Herald:

“Pelosi called the activists and parents a ‘blessing to our country,’ and said because of the energy coming out of Parkland, the issue of gun control would top the Democratic Party’s agenda in the House of Representatives if they take control.”

Pelosi said in a statement earlier this year, “Congress has a responsibility to take action to prevent the tragedy of gun violence. Every day it fails to do so is a stain on our country.”

And in February she declared, “I would rather pass gun safety legislation than win the election.”

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].