By: Teresa Mull

Amidst the March For Our Lives gun control madness, one group of high school students is learning to handle firearms responsibly.

Danny Ketcherside, principal of Morrilton High School in Arkansas, has initiated a program he says is “our way of supporting our military and servicemen.”

“Similar to how students learn health education and driver’s education, they also get an education in weapons,” Fox16 reports. “The new initiative is a way to help build kids’ confidence while teaching them how to be responsible.”

Students recently took an educational trip to Camp Robinson Maneuver Training Center, where they used a simulator to imitate the way the U.S. military trains.

“Being smarter about weapons and careers in the military is interesting and a good thing,” Destiny Carte, a senior at Morrilton High School, told Fox16. “I really liked it and feel like I learned a lot.”

“Bringing them here and allowing them to get [their] hands on some of this equipment helps build confidence,” Sgt. Reginald Abrams, U.S. Army, told the news station. “Letting them know, ‘Hey you can do this, and it’s not as hard as you may think it may be.’”

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