By: DJ Parten

We see it all the time. The Left is perpetually freaking out about magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds, as if that is the cause of all the evil in this world.

Florida State Senator Linda Stewart – perhaps the most radical anti-gun legislator in the state – filed SB 794, a bill to ban what she calls “high capacity” magazines.

If this bill passes, Florida would join nine other states and D.C. in banning these ammunition feeding devices.

Under SB 794:

• Any ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than 10 rounds would be banned.

• Possessing a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds will result in felony charges.

• If a magazine is lawfully possessed before the ban, it must be registered with the state.

Linda Stewart wants you to register your firearm accessories with the state and forbid you from purchasing any more.

If you don’t comply with this tyrannical mandate, Stewart wants to charge you with a felony which could result in you losing your right to keep and bear arms entirely!

These are the same people who call us radical for respecting the Constitution and our right to defend our families.

Gun control is poised to be a key issue in Florida as lawmakers prepare for the 2020 Legislative Session, beginning January 14.

Nearly two dozen gun bills have been introduced already, most of which would further infringe on citizens’ right to exercise the Second Amendment.

There must be something in the water in Tallahassee that makes state lawmakers want to make the “Gunshine” State more like liberal havens where freedom is rare, and crime is rampant.

D.J. Parten is the Executive Director of Florida Gun Rights and the Southeast Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights.