By: Teresa Mull

Kentucky Democrats are wasting no time is pushing gun control. They’ve pre-filed several gun control bills they hope governor-elect Andy Beshear (D) will sign into law.

The bills the Democrats have filed are listed on the Kentucky General Assembly website as:

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license, repeal
• Bill Request 187
Domestic abuse convictions, firearms surrender, procedures
• Bill Request 835
Domestic violence orders, firearms surrender, procedures
• Bill Request 835
Firearms, ammunition capacity, regulation of
• Bill Request 354
Firearms, assault weapons, possession of
• Bill Request 354
Firearms, comprehensive regulation of
• Bill Request 342
Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of
• Bill Request 282 notes:

The controls have to make their way past Republicans in the Kentucky House and Senate before reaching Beshear’s desk.

GPM previously reported that outgoing Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, who narrowly lost re-election to BeShear, was a great friend to gun owners.

GPM reported on Nov. 1:

The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) recognized Bevin’s dedication to upholding the rights of gun owners this week by awarding him the “50 Caliber Freedom Award.” Rep. Savannah Maddox was also recognized with Bevin for their work on SB-150, the state’s Constitutional Carry that became law this year.

Correspondent Aaron Yates was on hand at the awards ceremony and provided GPM with the following report:

NAGR President Dudley Brown presented the award to Bevin, acknowledging the work of Congressman Massie and Sen. Paul, who had representatives in attendance. In presenting to Gov. Bevin, Brown recognized him as the first Governor ever to receive the award and stated plainly that he is the most pro-gun Governor in office today.
"Rarely do we actually get the leadership, much less the governor to stand up and say not only to do it but I want to try and pass this legislation," Brown said.

In accepting the award, Bevin thanked Brown for his help on the fight, talked about the importance of gun ownership to all Kentuckians, and praised Maddox for accomplishing so much as a freshman and bringing such an important bill to his desk.

Brown then presented the award to Savannah Maddox, joining the Governor in praise for her strength and leadership, which she accepted, echoing the importance of gun rights for her district and the women of Kentucky.

Bevin took the podium to voice his opposition to Red Flag bills, calling out his opponent, Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear, for his vocal support of these bills. He said they not only undermine due process, but pave a path for the government to attempt to infringe on all our rights under the guise of the "common good."

This conversation included a lot of back and forth with the press as Beshear had doubled-down on Red Flag while avoiding a question about Constitutional Carry that morning. Constitutional Carry was overwhelmingly bipartisan in both chambers, and Beshear did not cross his home base by opposing it.

"It is a slippery slope to me which we do not need to go. Right now very well defended by the constitution already and I think we should preserve that," Bevin said.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.