By: Teresa Mull

GPM has be following the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ (ATF) increasing assaults on the Second Amendment. Now, it seems likely the ATF is on the verge of making millions of law-abiding gun owners criminals overnight.

The ATF just released a draft public notice alerting the public to their intent to ban stabilizing braces.

Christopher Stone, Communications Director for the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), announced in a statement to supporters:

“They either want to register, destroy, or ban AR and AK-platform pistols and the stabilizing braces associated with them. At the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), we are opposed to any attempt by the government to either register, destroy, or outright ban AR and AK-platform pistols and their stabilizing braces. We are planning already to lobby the federal government in opposition to their plans.”

As NAGR notes, “…A stabilizing brace is a firearms accessory that makes a pistol more steady and safe to shoot. Braces have absolutely no effect on the functionality of a firearm, and in no way make a gun more dangerous. Firearms experts estimate that approximately 2 million stabilizing braces have been purchased legally in America in the past decade.”

The ATF is allowing for a 14-day public comment period that is, NAGR points out, “conveniently for them…during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.”

GPM will continue to monitor this story as it develops. Read the entire notice from the ATF here and learn what you can do by watching the video below.

Teresa Mull ([email protected]) is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.

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