By Greg Chabot

Photos by: Sasha Steadman

The P320 series has rapidly gained popularity with shooters because of its modularity, with the aftermarket beginning to embrace the P320. SIG Sauer has begun to offer factory-backed, custom products. The advantage of these products is they will not void the factory warranty.

One of these products is the PRO-CUT slide featuring lightening cuts and the Delta point pro footprint. The slide comes complete with all internals and SIG X-ray3 night sights. All end users have to do is add their barrel and recoil spring assembly. According to SIG, the cuts are precisely engineered for maximum performance and faster cycling. I procured a sample slide for the P320 X-carry to see how it performs compared to the stock X-carry slide.

The PRO-CUT slide comes in stainless steel, FDE, or Nitron finishes. It is available in 4.7” (Full), 3.9” (compact), and 3.6”(sub-compact) sizes. MSRP is the same for all lengths at $399 USD, though they can be found for less if one shops around. Some might balk at the cost. I have seen stripped, unfinished slides for Glocks go for considerably more. The slide has the latest safety features, and it will work with older, non-upgraded fire control units.

Initial Impression

The slide arrived very quickly from SIG. The PVD FDE finish had even coverage with no uncovered areas. Machining was outstanding with no tooling marks. All cuts were even with consistent depth. Slide serrations were aggressive and provided a solid purchase. The rear sight optic plate is separate from the rear sight, unlike the stock X-carry slide. Screws to remove the plate are on top, unlike the stock slide, which has them underneath, requiring removal of the striker assembly.

After installation, slide to frame fit was tight with no issues cycling by hand. Barrel lock-up was just as tight as the stock slide. One thing I did notice was the improved overall balance of the weapon. SIG removed material from all the right spots on the PRO-CUT. Compared to the stock slide, the weapon sat more evenly in my hands with the PRO-CUT installed. The stock slide was slightly more front heavy with more noticeable felt recoil.

Range Report

I originally wanted to run 1,000 rounds of mixed ammo. Due to the China virus and rigged election panic, I was only able to scrounge up 500 rounds of ammo, including steel case. Various weights from 115 to 147 grain were used, including some +P. I did not notice any change in accuracy compared to the stock slide. I did notice a reduction in felt recoil. That I attribute to the more even balance of the PRO-CUT slide, which produced faster follow up shots if I did my part.

I know many people worry about reliability with the windows cut into a slide. To be thorough, the weapon was dropped into snow, water, and sand. The weapon did run a little sluggish after the sand test. Even coated with sand, though, it never failed to function properly. So that should put the “lint/dust will cause a malfunction” myth to rest.

Would I recommend this product to P320 owners? Yes, it performed flawlessly and improved the balance of the weapon. Personally, I liked it and plan to keep it on my P320 for EDC.

Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.