By: Greg Chabot

Photos: Sasha Steadman

I have written many times about the importance of a good handgun holster. It never ceases to amaze me the number of times I have seen someone carrying with a holster of poor quality held together with tape or using a one-size-fits-all rig that has zero retention. Not using a properly fitting holster can create a dangerous situation for the shooter and bystanders. Retention not only prevents someone from taking your weapon, but it also prevents the weapon from falling out of the holster while doing daily tasks.

I prefer to carry IWB (Inside the waistband) at 3 o’clock. I have my go-to holsters, but like many in the community, I’m always looking for something different.  Veteran owned GBRS Group (Global Battlefield Research Solutions) based in VA Beach, in collaboration with Texas based TXC holsters, has come up with a design that may interest readers: the TXC X1: Pro (GBRS Variant).

The holster is a one-piece design, CNC manufactured for precise fit. It comes ready for optics and suppressor height sights. It is open ended for threaded barrels or compensators. The GBRS variant deletes the concealment wedge and adds a second belt clip. The holster comes with a high sweat guard for comfort. It is available for either left or right-handed shooters. The belt clips are adjustable for cant.

The holster performed well in the field. I had no difficulty concealing a P320 X-carry with optic. The holster kept it close to my body and I had no issues with printing. I also dress to conceal as a holster can only do so much. Please keep that in mind while carrying concealed. Can’t complain about the clips, they kept the holster secured to my belt while doing daily tasks and shooting drills. I recommend end users make sure the holster is where they want it because it is not easy to adjust on the fly. The holster has enough flex for comfort without sacrificing retention. Drawing my weapon was very smooth and fast with this product.

I purchased my GBRS Group holster last summer and have no complaints about comfort while wearing it throughout the four seasons here in New England. As I have written in the past, if a holster is not comfortable, you won’t wear it.  The TXC X1:PRO GBRS variant is available currently for the Glock and the SIG P320. I contacted GBRS Group and asked if there would be more options in the future. They have no plans at the time of this writing, which is subject to change. I highly recommend this product; after a year of use, I have zero complaints. I trust my life to it, and it is worth every penny. I’m a buy once, cry once guy. You owe it to yourself to buy quality gear that is functional and comfortable. I got rid of my holster “Box of Shame” a long time ago and have no plans on starting another. A magazine holder is also offered and is built to the same high standards.