By: Tom Claycomb III

So, you’ve gotten sweet on an outdoorsman and don’t know what to buy them for Christmas. Don’t panic, Santa’s little helper is here to help you out. Buying for outdoorsmen is quite easy because they crave gear and gizmos. And manufacturers crank out thousands of new items each year to accommodate those cravings.

For 3 ½ years, I wrote a weekly article for Bass Pro Shop. They had me write a 5-part series of Christmas articles. One for the Hunter, Fisherman, Camper, Boat Owner, and Backpacker. So, believe me, buying for the outdoorsman in your life will be the easiest gift you buy this year. BUT… their desires are specific, so you need to buy the exact item that they want.

Don’t panic; I test hundreds of items each year. So, I’ll list items that have tested well for me.


All outdoorsmen use a knife, and this is one item of which you can never have too many. Your recipient will also need some knife-sharpening gear.

-Smith’s 8” Tri-hone Sharpener

-Smith’s 6” Diamond Stone

-KOA Professional Boning knife

-Smith’s 6” Boning Knife

-Smith’s 8” Boning knife

-KOA Onyx folder


-Steelhead Outdoors Gun Case Keeper, which is a magnetic accessory that attaches to the upper corner of a gun safe.

-Clamtainer makes some awesome plastic ammo boxes

-Talon Grips makes some great stick-on grips for your pistols

-Otis offers a ton of cleaning oils, rags, and accessories for cleaning your guns

-Hi-Mountain Seasoning for jerky and sausage blends. These make it easy to make your own sausage.

-Blue Book of Gun Values & Ammunition Encyclopedia

-Easton arrows

-Versa Carry holsters

-Mantis X10 Elite Shooting System

-Caldwell shooting tables, sandbags

-BOG Adrenaline bi-pod

-AXIL hearing protection is where I get all of my maps

-Chard Pro Former jerky gun

-Bowden Tactical makes some cool after-market AR parts

-Montana Decoys

-Morell Archery targets

-Wasp broadheads


-For big game hunting, I get good performance from Hornady, same with their pistol ammo

-For shotgun shells, I shoot a lot of Kent shells

-JSB makes the most accurate pellets


-Evolution tackle boxes

-Fish Monkey gloves

-Pautzke Fireballs

-Smith’s electric fish filleting knife

-Proline Baits (Scents to put on your lures/bait)


In this backpack alone I bet there are over 100 items that range from $1.00 to $350.00. Outdoorsmen love their gear.

-I use a lot of Alps Mountaineering backpacks, sleeping bags, pads and tents

-Dutch oven

-Adventure Medical Kits 1st aid gear

-Hybrid Lights makes cool solar charged lights

-Aquamira filtered water bottles


-5.11 tactical pants work well in our outdoor world. I love their tactical pants since they have a lot of pockets. They also make great base layers

-I have a pair of Danner Recurve Moc Toe boots that are super comfortable.

-I tested some Garmont boots which are great Italian backpacking/hiking boots

-My daughter loves her LaCrosse Lodestar boots

-I just got some HOO-RAG seamless bandanas that are great.

-PNUMA pants. They offer some classy-looking outdoor pants

-Frogg Togg rain gear. Also great for blocking the wind.

-Katy says to buy her flannel-lined jeans, insulated overalls, and hand warmers!

STOCKING STUFFERS – These are economical and yet gifts that will catch their eye

-Mister Twister plastics & jig heads

-Swab-Its cleaning swabs

-Flies from

-Browning Hiking Socks



-Fishing lures

-Gift card at their favorite store

-JSB pellets

-Otis Lead Wipes. These are great for airgunners


-BRG 9MM pistol

-Umarex Gauntlet PCP .25 cal. pellet gun

-Umarex Ready Air compressor

-Diamond Blade Surge knife

-Henry’s lever action rifles. Who doesn’t love a lever action?

-Camp Chef pellet grill. Great for grilling or smoking your game/fish. I use their grills

-Vortex Fury HD 5000 binoculars (Attend my GLASSING FOR BIG GAME seminars at the DSC Conv. & Expo in 2023 in Dallas & the SCI Convention in Nashville to see the elite Vortex gear).

-Vortex Viper HD spotting scope

-Primal Tree Stands

-And of course, any of my e-articles/books on Amazon Kindle!!! Duh.


-You can have them mark 4-6 items in their favorite outdoor catalog. That way you know you’re getting what they want and yet it will still be a surprise.

-Buy him a guided fishing trip

-Buy a guided hunting trip

-Next year’s hunting/fishing license


If you don’t have a penny to your name, don’t worry; give your daddy or husband a “Pass” stating that you’ll go hunting, fishing, or camping with him. He’ll like that better than any gift that you could ever buy him. Trust me on this one!