By: Teresa Mull

A group of 16 employees in Wisconsin received a very memorable Christmas bonus from their employer this year: the gun of their choice.

BenShot, which makes “bulletproof” glassware (the company’s website contains a disclaimer about glass not actually being bulletproof or shatterproof), “gave a $500 price range and allowed employees to pick any gun they wanted within that budget,” Inside Edition reports.

“My dad and I talked about it. First, it was for personal safety. The second part, we thought it would be fun for our employees,” Ben Wolfgram, co-owner of the father-son business, told Inside Edition.

BenShot posted a picture of their well-armed employees on Facebook, which elicited 230 comments, most of them supportive:

“What a great idea! This is one of the best gifts I’ve seen. Kudos to you guys for giving a gift that will save lives or give them years of enjoyment hunting or shooting.”

“Love the Christmas presents. Is it too late to apply there…?”

“You guys are awesome! What a great Christmas present. You now have a new customer.”

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at