By: Ashleigh Meyer

Virginia Democrats are plunging full steam ahead with restrictive gun legislation and shooting down proposed bills to expand gun rights, even in the wake of the massive Second Amendment Rally at the state capital that took place this week.

Just days after a diverse crowd of more than 22,000 armed Virginians peacefully assembled before Governor Northam’s office in defense of their Second Amendment rights, Senate Democrats unabashedly push forward with anti-gun legislation. In the space of approximately two hours, the Senate rejected eleven gun rights expansion proposals put forth by Republicans.

Two of the rejected bills were designed to simplify transportation and possession of firearms for gun owners who own land in multiple jurisdictions. Other rejected proposals sought to make Virginia a Constitutional Carry state, to allow gun owners to carry their weapons in places of worship, and to allow victims (or families of victims) of gun violence to sue the government if they were shot in a gun free zone.

Every measure to loosen firearms restrictions was quickly extinguished.

Jason Nixon, who lost his wife Kate during the Virginia Beach municipal shooting on May 31, plead with lawmakers to accept the bill allowing families of gun violence to sue the government. He shared that Kate was anxious to go to the office the day before the shooting because a co-worker had been fired, and she felt she had no means of protection as guns were not allowed in the building. Virginia Democrats, however, insisted that they were fulfilling campaign promises to make the Commonwealth “safer.”

Republicans expressed strong dissatisfaction with the proceedings. House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) told reporters, “It’s further evidence that for all the talk of stopping gun violence, their true agenda seems to be stopping (legal gun owners). They are desperate to make life easier for criminals in this legislative session and make life a lot harder for law-abiding gun owners.”

On Wednesday, just two days after the Richmond Rally, the Senate passed Red Flag legislation, which is now awaiting approval in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. The Red Flag bill is just one of a slew of gun legislation that Northam is pushing through.

Meanwhile, more than 100 Virginia cities and counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and have vowed to resist unconstitutional legislation that would restrict their gun rights. To boot, a petition calling for the impeachment or resignation of Gov. Northam has garnered close to 70,000 signatures.

Ashleigh Meyer is a professional writer, and Conservative political analyst from rural Virginia.