By: Steven Koskulitz

A law-abiding gun owner in Texas recently demonstrated one of the reasons our Second Amendment rights need to be protected.

On Nov. 9, four robbers targeted a jewelry store in Atascocita, Texas. The robbers ran into the store in the afternoon and started smashing the display cases. Delton Hayes, the store owner, saw the robbers from his office and got his handgun out.

Hayes said, according to ABC13:

“They were smashing the cases, but stopped as soon as I started shooting.”

Hayes wounded two of the criminals, saying later:

“One was shot in the hand, according to a deputy. I shot the other one in the butt.”

All four of the thieves fled the store after Hayes showed that he was not to be messed with. Police later found and arrested the robbers. They recovered jewelry, but none of it was from Hayes’ store.

“The deputies brought the jewelry back to me, and it wasn’t ours, which means somebody else was hit,” Hayes said. “They managed to get one ring from my store, but they dropped it in the parking lot, and it was recovered.”

Having a gun close by deterred criminals from stealing more products than they stole already, and shows how civilians sometimes get into situations in which they cannot wait for police to protect themselves and their property.

Steven Koskulitz is a conservative writer from Herndon, Virginia. Contact him at