By: Teresa Mull

Salesforce, a giant tech company, just announced it won’t work with companies that sell “semi-automatic weapons, 3D-printed guns, and a range of accessories, including large-capacity magazines, and devices that make semi-automatic guns fully automatic,” The Verge reports.

“Typically, retailers use Salesforce software as a database to keep track of customers and what they purchase,” Forbes reports.

One of Salesforce’s biggest clients to be affected is Camping World. According to The Verge, “Salesforce has more than 150,000 clients, including giants like Adidas and American Express, and a market cap of $118 billion.”

Here’s what Salesforce had to say about the ban:

Worldwide, customers may not use a Service to transact online sales of any of the following firearms and/or related accessories to private citizens. Firearms: automatic firearms; semi-automatic firearms that have the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any of the following: thumbhole stock, folding or telescoping stock, grenade launcher or flare launcher, flash or sound suppressor, forward pistol grip, pistol grip (in the case of a rifle) or second pistol grip (in the case of a pistol), barrel shroud; semi-automatic firearms with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds; ghost guns; 3D printed guns; firearms without serial numbers; .50 BMG rifles; firearms that use .50 BMG ammunition. Firearm Parts: magazines capable of accepting more than 10 rounds; flash or sound suppressors; multi-burst trigger devices; grenade or rocket launchers; 80% or unfinished lower receivers; blueprints for ghost guns; blueprints for 3D printed guns; barrel shrouds; thumbhole stocks; threaded barrels capable of accepting a flash suppressor or sound suppressor.

GPM, with the help of other pro-gun groups, has compiled a growing list of anti-gun businesses those who value their Second Amendment rights should boycott. You can also click here to sign a petition to boycott these companies.

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