By: Lucius O’Dell
House Democrats unveiled a bill in January to further regulate the purchase of a firearm by requiring onerous background checks on nearly all gun sales, thus creating a universal gun registration.

And tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the bill at 10:00 a.m. EST.

“They’re set to kick things off with H.R. 8, the Universal Gun Registration Bill which already has 229 co-sponsors — enough to pass the House!” the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) said in a release.

“If passed, H.R. 8 would ban virtually all private firearms sales, requiring your guns to be registered through the Brady NICS system at YOUR expense,” NAGR reports. “Furthermore, simply lending a rifle to a family friend for a day of recreational shooting without going through bureaucratic red tape could become a criminal offense.”

Gun Registration –> Gun Confiscation
Ted Patterson explained to Gunpowder Magazine last year how gun registries quickly lead to gun confiscation on a huge scale:

Background checks are nothing more than a firearms registration system, which has historically been a precursor to full-fledged firearms confiscation. Many point to Nazi Germany as one of the best examples of what comes of gun registration. Most people probably do not know that it was not the Nazis nor Hitler who initiated gun registration. It actually was the preexisting Weimar government’s initiative put into law because of their fears of the Communists and Nazis. The Weimar government implemented laws that the Nazis would later use to oppress the German people, namely, German Jews.

Although Hitler rapidly expanded upon what the Weimar government had instituted, this historical event reminds us that well-intentional laws passed by good people can be used by the next round of political operatives to devastating effect. This is why it is so important to stop any hint of universal background checks: such a measure could open the door to a disastrous future.

Background Checks Don’t and Won’t Work
Promoting background checks is a ruse liberal politicians and bureaucrats use to gain power and control in the name of “public safety.”

But background checks haven’t worked, and increasing them will only result in the loss of more innocent life.

The majority of mass shooters in recent days were not criminals until they carried out their heinous crimes. They obtained their firearms legally, and background checks did not stop them.

In the event criminals are unable to pass a background check, they will not be deterred. They will find other means of procuring a gun, and statistics show they do, indeed, turn to theft, straw purchases, or the black market to get their hands on a weapon.

What we’re left with is a terribly defective, unconstitutional system of vetting would-be gun owners that, when it denies people their right to self-defense, gets it wrong an astounding 95 percent of the time. Law-abiding citizens are left unarmed and vulnerable, and violent crime rates soar.

More Gun Control to Come
According to NAGR,

Next week’s gun control hearing could go FAR beyond just the gun registration bill.

Just look at the slew of other radical gun control Nancy Pelosi’s new Democrat Majority is currently working on:

*** The “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bill.
Proven to be true time and time again, gun registration always leads to gun confiscation. No wonder why so many in Washington are eager to pass both bills at the same time.

*** The failed Clinton-era “assault weapons ban.”
This new version would ban thousands of legal and commonly owned semi-automatic firearms AND magazines, leaving law-abiding citizens at the mercy of thugs and criminals with more firepower.

Then there’s the extra special case of Maryland Congressman Anthony Brown (D), who is pushing two down-right insane bills.

*** H.R. 717 to outlaw firearms purchases by military-aged young adults and young single mothers aged 18 to 20, and;

*** H.R. 719 to mandate UN-style ammo microstamping in effort to jack up the cost of your ammunition.

Lucius O’Dell is a political writer and consultant, located in Colorado. Contact him at