By: Teresa Mull

Almost 300 gun stores across the country will be training teachers on the proper use of firearms today as part of the national “Train a Teacher Day.” reports:

Saturday morning, hundreds of teachers are expected to attend training courses to learn how to shoot and handle guns.

In what is being called "Train a Teacher Day," gun stores around the country are providing teachers free access to firearm training with an implicit nudge towards promoting campus carry gun policies. Nearly 300 shops around the country have signed on to offer free courses to teachers according to The National Train a Teacher Day website.

In a video posted by the National Train a Teacher Day co-administrator Klint Macro, he explained how a firearm can "empower" teachers.

"Whether you want to find defensive training, firearm training concealed carry training, first aid training, basic gun safety training, or any other type that’s offered by one of the instructors that’s volunteering, you will be empowered." Macro said in the video.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].