By: Friedrich Seiltgen

Progressives across the country are using the Parkland, Florida shooting as their excuse to ignore the Second Amendment and pass city ordinances banning “assault weapons.”

The city council of Deerfield, Illinois passed a city ordinance in April banning the possession of AR-15s, applying fines of $1,000 per-day for non-compliance. “The possession, manufacture, and sale of assault weapons in the Village of Deerfield is not reasonably necessary to protect an individual’s right of self-defense or the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia,” the ordinance states.

The possession of an AR-15 being deemed “not reasonably necessary for the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia” is particularly absurd. The AR-15 would be today’s equivalent of a colonial musket, and exactly the type of weapon needed for a Militia. Unless, of course, the Deerfield city council thinks the AR would be inadequate for a militia, and wants its community to be armed with weapons capable of firing on full-auto, as our military is today?

The city council of Boulder, Colorado followed suit earlier this month, unanimously enacting a ban on “assault weapons” (as defined by the city), bump stocks, and “high-capacity” magazines. Owners of these items have until July 15, 2018 to dispose of them. Current owners of “assault weapons” were grandfathered in and will be allowed to keep their rifles if they receive a certificate by end of the year proving prior ownership.

It was magnanimous of the city council to “allow” gun owners to exercise their Constitutional rights, but the ordinance was immediately challenged by the Mountain States Legal Foundation on grounds that it violates the Constitution’s second, fifth, and fourteenth amendments. The foundation announced they will name individual council members in their suit.

Preemption Statutes
Forty-three states have some form of gun preemption statutes to guard against local, feel-good city councils doing whatever they want.

Florida, for instance passed statute 790.33, “field of regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted,” in 2011. The law states:

“It is the intent of this section to provide uniform firearms laws in the state; to declare all ordinances and regulations null and void which have been enacted by any jurisdictions other than state and federal, which regulate firearms, ammunition, or components thereof; to prohibit the enactment of any future ordinances or regulations relating to firearms, ammunition, or components thereof unless specifically authorized by this section or general law; and to require local jurisdictions to enforce state firearms laws.”

The law also implemented penalties of up to $5,000 against the elected or appointed official for knowing and willful violation of the statute.

After the Parkland shooting, the city of Coral Gables, Florida wanted an “assault weapons” ban, and Mayor Raul Valdes Fauli asked the city attorney to draft the law. The attorney advised against it, telling the mayor the state would retaliate, and the effects would be costly. There are now 10 Florida cities suing the state over the preemption statute.

Pushing a Progressive Agenda
In the aftermath of the Parkland Shooting, Florida Governor Rick Scott caved and signed a bill increasing the age requirement for an “assault rifle” to 21. If another shooting happens, and the perpetrator is 23 years old, do we then raise the minimum age to buy an assault rifle to 25? Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock was 64. Does that mean the age for gun ownership should be 70? When does it stop?

This is the game progressives play: when shootings happen, they’re immediately ready to use the tragedy to push their agenda.

Just last month in Texas, former student Dimitrios Pagourtzis used a shotgun to kill eight students and two teachers at Santa Fe High School. The media launched their usual attacks against the NRA, Donald Trump, and Republicans in general. Only time will tell if the shooter was “on the radar”, why he was thrown out of school, what type of mental health issues he may have had, etc. Not that it matters to progressives, who will stop at nothing to disarm America.
Look for an “assault shotgun” ban coming soon.

Friedrich Seiltgen is a retired Master Police Officer with 20 years of service with the Orlando Police Department. He currently conducts training in Lone Wolf Terrorism, Firearms, and Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations in Florida. Contact him at [email protected]