By: Teresa Mull

Here’s a roundup of what the states have been up to this week regarding gun control:

Last year, then-Gov. Matt Bevin (R) signed S.B. 150 into law, making Kentucky the nation’s 15th state to honor Constitutional Carry.

Now, WFPL reports so-called “gun safety advocates” (how’s that for sneaky terminology!) from Moms Demand Action rallied at the state capitol and called for a red flag gun confiscation law to be implemented.

WFPL reports:

This year the legislature has already passed a law requiring every school in the state to have an armed guard. Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear has said he is reviewing the legislation.

During his campaign last year, Beshear said he would support a “red flag” law, though no proposal has advanced in the legislature so far this year.

Pro-gun people in Oregon? Outside of the cities, like so many states, yes. Albany City Councilor Mike Sykes is calling for a Second Amendment Sanctuary status in the city of Albany (Oregon, not New York).

From the Albany Democrat-Herald:

On Wednesday, Sykes asked that the city look into creating a sanctuary city designation for gun owners in the same vein that cities around the country have declared themselves sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants.

Citing measures pending in the Oregon Legislature that would hold gun owners responsible when their firearms fall into the wrong hands and give local schools and governments the right to bar individuals with concealed carry permits from entering their buildings, Sykes said Albany should create its own ordinance.

Other cities around Oregon have passed such laws in the event that the state or federal government should enact gun control legislation.

Pennsylvania, too, a traditionally very pro-gun state, is taking measures to keep big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia from forcing unconstitutional mandates through the state legislature.
Fox43 reports:

The movement has already found allies in Pennsylvania, with the most recent effort happening in York County. Officials with West Manheim Township will consider a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance within the next week.

Fred Walker proposed the ordinance, and according to the text it would "establish (West Manheim) township as a Second Amendment Sanctuary Municipality, prohibiting certain actions and the use of township funds in ways that are inconsistent with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, permitting certain restrictions on gun ownership and possession, and authorizing and imposing penalties for the violations thereof."

Gun Owners of America is leading the movement with the creation of the Pennsylvania Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) “…to promote the creation of SASOs in Pennsylvania counties/municipalities and is a project of Gun Owners of American in Pennsylvania.”

Rhode Island
Rhode Island’s governor is calling for gun control laws that will, Turnto10 reports, “ban military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and 3D-printed guns, as well as require gun sellers to send firearm purchase applications to police departments where the buyer lives…”

Virginia has been the scene of an ongoing battle over gun rights. In January, tens of thousands of gun owners gathered at the state capitol, demonstrating peacefully that they value their Second Amendment rights and expect lawmakers to do the same.
Tucker Carlson reported this week, however, that lawmakers aren’t listening:

The State of Virginia have some of the lowest crime rates in America. Despite that, Democrats are determined to curtail the constitutional rights of its citizens. The House of Delegates in Virginia just approved a new gun control legislation promoted by Governor Klan costume, Governor blackface Ralph Northam.

The bill, if it passed the Senate would ban the sale of so-called assault weapons, whatever those are. it would also ban all gun magazines that carry more than a dozen rounds, which is a lot of them.

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