By: José Niño

Without hesitation, Texas Democrats have introduced multiple gun control bills for the 2021 Texas Legislative Session.

So far, 16 gun control bills have been filed for the upcoming session, which starts in early January. State Rep. Terry Meza introduced one of the most notable gun control bills, HB 196, which would greatly weaken Castle Doctrine. Under Castle Doctrine, homeowners can use lethal force to defend themselves against home invaders.

“I’m not condoning stealing, it is against the law, “Meza stated, “but it’s not an offense that is punishable by death.”

According to KLBJ Radio, Meza claims she’s being harassed online by people who are against her anti-gun initiative. “People are already attacking me on Facebook saying I’m against the 2nd Amendment,” she said.

Meza re-assured critics that homeowners would still be able to defend themselves, but the use of a firearm for home defense would be prohibited. In effect, homeowners would be stripped of the most effective way to defend themselves and their property. Criminals would then enjoy a massive advantage over their victims and could potentially bring about deadly encounters.

It’s already a given that police response times are often not fast enough to defuse a home invasive situation. Such situations are defined by seconds, and having a firearm at your disposal can make all the difference. Then again, some of the biggest proponents of gun control enjoy the benefits of living in gated communities and/or rely on private security to protect their homes. On the other hand, countless middle and working-class people must rely on firearms ownership for self-defense purposes. They simply don’t have the means to contract bodyguards or expensive security services. Political elites, who live in bubbles that are distant from that of the average American, simply don’t care about the rest of us.

KLBJ Radio listed off other gun control bills being introduced in this session of the Texas State Legisture:

● HB 152 and HB 245 would ban the private sale of firearms at gun shows

● HB 238 would eliminate the state’s firearm preemption, allowing local governments such as the Austin City Council to pass local gun bans and regulations as they see fit

● HB 201 would ban Campus Carry

● HB 127 would ban the open carry of long rifles

● HB 236 would overhaul the 30.06 and 30.07 signage requirements to make it much easier for a business to ban a legal and licensed gun owner from entering

● HB 118 would eliminate family members from being able to transfer firearms among each other, instead requiring a federal license application to process each transaction “at an undetermined fee”

● HB 164 and HB 395 relate to Red Flag laws, allowing the removal of a person’s firearm without due process

● HB 185 would legally require homeowners to keep all guns locked inside of a safe at all times

● HB 231 raises the legal age required to purchase semi-automatic rifles and shotguns

● HB 172 and HB 241 would ban the transfer or possession of certain “commonly owned semi-automatic firearms”

● HB 178 and HB 234 would ban the sale or possession of any magazine that holds more than ten rounds”

Fortunately for Texan gun owners, Democrats were denied a legislative majority after Republicans defied the polls and kept all of their House seats earlier this month. Because of this positive electoral development, the bulk of these gun control bills will likely languish in the legislative session.

Gun owners will still need to remain vigilant, however, and most importantly, be ready to go on offense during this legislative session. It is not enough for us to play defense. When the anti-gun Left is using relentless offense, we must respond with an even greater offensive force. The 2021 legislative session is perhaps a golden opportunity for grassroots activists to push for Constitutional Carry and make it a legislative reality in the Lone Star State.

José Niño is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. Sign up for his mailing list here. Contact him via Facebook, Twitter, or email him at Get his e-book, The 10 Myths of Gun Control, here.