By: Teresa Mull

Gabe New owns Knowledge Skills Gear (KSG) Armory, a company that makes custom Kydex holsters and specializes in concealed carry.

New spoke to Gunpowder Magazine about his business, products, and why he values the Second Amendment:

GPM: How long has your business been operating, and what inspired you to start it?

New: I’ve been doing this full time right at four years now. I made my first holster because I couldn’t find what I wanted for a particular pistol at a reasonable price. I would have given it up after that one, but a friend was making holsters and said he could use my help. We moved a short time after that, and he encouraged me to go into business for myself.

GPM: What products do you specialize in?

New: My specialty is appendix carry. Sometimes called AIWB, it’s grown steadily in popularity, and since I’ve been carrying that way for eight years, it was a natural niche.

GPM: What are your most popular items, and what would you suggest as gifts for the gun lover?

New: The Sidekick is my best seller because it’s modular. Although designed for AIWB, it works well strong side as well. I think a magazine carrier is a great gift. It’s a good idea to carry a spare mag as it’s a point of failure, and when carried opposite the holster, it can balance the ‘bulge’ when carrying up front.’

GPM: Why do you and your customers value the Second Amendment?

New: I value the 2A first and foremost for the reason that it was written into the Constitution; that tyrants should fear the people. Thankfully, it hasn’t been necessary to take up arms, so I enjoy keeping my family safe and occasionally taking game. Pistol shooting as a sport is something I’d like to do in 2019.

GPM: What are some challenges you face in this industry with the political climate (and anti-gun legislation) being what it is today?

New: My business hasn’t been affected directly by legislation, due to being in a relatively benign support industry. However, the wild swings in public mood do affect sales. When people are spending all their spare money on ‘black rifles’ and ammo, it doesn’t leave anything for necessary but boring stuff like holsters.

GPM: What one thing would you like customers to know about your business and business model?

New: I want people to know my commitment to their success as concealed carriers. To this end I not only study the various holster making techniques, but also train regularly. I’m an NRA and Rangemaster certified pistol instructor. The more I learn, the better I can help people solve their problems.

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at