By: Teresa Mull

An armed resource officer exchanged shots with a gunman firing on students at a Maryland high school yesterday. The incident lasted about a minute, according to the local county sheriff. The gunman has been the only person to die from the shooting, so far.

Austin Wyatt Rollins, 17, used a handgun to shoot Jaelynn Willey, 16, and a 14-year-old student at Great Mills High School, police reports say. Willey “remains in the ICU with life-threatening, critical injuries,” Fox News reports.

“Our school resource officer [Deputy Blaine Gaskill] was alerted to the event,” St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron said in a press conference. “He pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter, fired a round at the shooter. The shooter fired a round as well. In the hours and days to come, we’ll be able to determine if our school resource officer’s round struck the shooter.”

“Cameron said the entire incident played out in about a minute Tuesday morning and Gaskill [a SWAT team member], did everything he was supposed to do in an active shooting situation,” Fox reports. “Police are currently reviewing surveillance video from the school to determine the exact timeline of the incident.”

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock