By: Teresa Mull

An armed school employee in Utah stepped in and saved the children under his or her care (the employee’s identity has not yet been released) from being kidnapped.

While children were playing at an elementary school playground in Ogden this week, suspect Ira Cox-Berry attempted to kidnap an 11-year-old girl, grabbing her and attempting to leave with her. Cox-Berry stopped when the employee demanded he leave, which the would-be kidnapper did, only to approach the school again and start punching a window in an attempt to get inside.

The Ogden Police report says:

“At that point, the employee produced a firearm, holding Cox-Berry off while simultaneously calling 911. Officers arrived a short time later and took Cox-Berry into custody after a brief struggle.”

The reactions to the report of this incident have been nothing but positive, as you can see below:

Utah became a Constitutional Carry state this year, opening the door to more opportunities for brave, responsible armed citizens, such as this school employee, to thwart criminals. Let’s remember this incident the thousands like it the next time gun grabbers try to tell us armed teachers aren’t “safe.”

Teresa Mull ([email protected]) is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.