By: Teresa Mull

Bill Galvano, a Republican and Florida’s Senate President, has come out as very anti-gun recently, and reporter Ian MacDonald points out that Galvano accepted half-a-million dollars from Michael Bloomberg.

The Tampa Bay Times “reports”:

Bill Galvano: Credit Florida’s Senate President with being one of the first major Republicans to respond to last weekend’s mass shootings with more than just thoughts and prayers. He correctly identified white nationalism as a factor in the surge of mass shootings. Perhaps most importantly, the Bradenton lawmaker suggested he’d consider pushing legislation that would address the real issue: access to powerful, military-style guns. Sure, it’s an election year, so politics might be part of Galvano’s calculations. But when compared to the response from José Oliva, his counterpart in the Florida House, Galvano at least sees a role for government to play in this public health crisis.

MacDonald, writing for, reports one in four Floridians has a concealed carry permit. MacDonald writes:

‘Campus carry’ bills have been dead on arrival in the Republican Majority Legislature and Galvano’s tenure and over the last three years, despite much statewide support by Sunshine state citizens.

Florida Senate President Galvano is coming off as a very anti-second amendment politician these days. Dig a little deeper and the answer as to why becomes clear. Galvano was ‘blasted’ by the NRA for his unlikely associations with Michael Bloomberg.

Bill’s name is directly associated with his Political Action Committee named “INNOVATE FLORIDA.” If you search “INNOVATE FLORIDA” on the State of Florida website you will find some interesting donations. Liberal gun control mouthpiece, Michael Bloomberg, made two major cash infusions to Galvano’s PAC through Bloomberg’s PAC named “Everytown for Gun Safety:”

On 09/04/2018 there was a donation for $200,000, and again on 10/26/2018 for $300,000.

GPM has reported in the past that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), another RINO pushing for gun control, also accepted big donations from Bloomberg.

The Post and Courier reported at the time:

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $250,000 contribution to a super PAC that supports U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s re-election is tied to Graham’s strong support for Israel and his record of results in Washington, the PAC’s controller said.

But Bloomberg is also an outspoken advocate of gun control, which could come back to haunt Graham in a state filled with voters seen as pro-Second Amendment.

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