By: Greg Chabot
Photos by Sasha Steadman

One of the chief selling points of the SIG Sauer P320 series is the modularity of the platform that gives end users many options for customization. A quick search will yield many companies offering custom stippling to OEM grip modules. Wilson Combat has entered the arena with their new in-house produced grip module.

I really enjoyed testing the P320 X carry for Gunpowder Magazine. Though I liked the ergonomics of the X grip module, the grip texture was not aggressive enough for my taste. After doing some research, I decided on the Wilson Combat grip module, as it had features that I felt would work for me. The module is reasonably priced compared to other vendors, with fast shipping. At the time of this writing, it is available in Black or FDE with the option for the manual safety cut out.

After opening the package, I immediately noticed the Wilson sunburst texture on the module. It is more aggressive, compared to the SIG OEM grip modules. There is also an extra slot on the dust cover rail for more attachment options for lights or lasers. The module is slightly rounder compared to the X grip, with a shorter beaver tail and round trigger guard. Wilson Combat did an excellent job in designing this product. The ergonomics are an improvement over the OEM modules, in my opinion.


Wilson also added stippling on the dust cover for the thumbs forward shooters. The magwell is flared to aid in reloading; inside there are slots for end users to add tungsten weights that are sold separately. The magazine release comes installed with the product. Installing the fire control group took a little effort, as it is a tighter fit compared to the OEM module. At first, magazines would not drop free. I recommend end users check that before heading to the range. My remedy was to work a magazine in and out until it dropped free.

At the range, the superior ergonomics made shooting an already enjoyable weapon even better. The overall shape and design allowed me to get a firmer grip, which tightened up my groups and improved recoil management. The cavernous magwell sped up my reloads while shooting various defensive drills.

The grip texture kept the weapon firmly in my hand, even coated with mineral oil, hereas with the OEM module, I would have to re-adjust my grip at times while shooting with oily hands. The weapon performed flawlessly during testing with 600 total rounds fired. I had no issues with the Wilson grip module fitting my holster from Steadfast Holsters LLC. End users are advised to check for a proper fit with their holster of choice.


Would I recommend the Wilson Grip Module? Yes, it made an already excellent weapon almost perfect. For the price point, this is the most practical and useful upgrade end users can purchase. I have no plans on ever going back to the OEM module for as long as I own my SIG P320.

Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.