By: Greg Chabot

I like diversity for my storable food preparations, preferring not to rely on one specific brand of survival/storable food.

With rising food prices and hyper-inflation just over the horizon due to the theft of our Republic, I would advise developing a plan for an emergency food supply. Nutritious food and clean water are just as important as weapons and ammo for a survival plan.

A few months back, my friend Shawn Ryan, the CEO of Vigilance Elite, mentioned a relative newcomer to the survival food industry: Nutrient Survival. After chatting with Shawn, I ordered a sample pack of their food to review it for Gunpowder Magazine. Nutrient survival is a veteran-owned company based in Reno Nevada. All food ingredients are sourced in the United States. Nutrient Survival food unopened has a 25-year shelf life, as does many of its competitors. After opening, if stored properly, it will last up to 18 months. Unlike their competitors, the sodium content of their products is low, which is a good thing. The vitamin and mineral content are greater than other brands that are on the market, too.

Taste test

The sample pack arrived in three days; each package is one portion. Directions were straight-forward and simple. All that is required for the entrees is boiling water, except for the chocolate grain crunch, which uses milk.

The meals did not require a lot of water to prepare – another positive point of this product. The entrees tasted great; even picky eaters should not have any complaints about the flavor. The meals had just the right amount of flavoring, in my opinion, not too bland and not over-flavored like some brands. All the sample meals were filling for the portion size with good nutritional value to keep one going for the day.

My personal favorites were the Southwestern Medley and Homestyle Scramble. Good nutrition is important for a long-term survival plan. Without good nutrients for your body, you will not survive for long.

Would I recommend Nutrient Survival? Yes, after trying the sample pack out I went ahead and placed an order for more of their products. If you are on the fence, order a sample pack and try it for yourself. For readers with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies. Nutrient Survival is expanding their menu at the time of this writing to give customers more variety.


Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.