By: Greg Chabot

Photos Sasha Steadman

A quality holster is just as essential as ammunition and spare magazines for a handgun. It always amazes me that shooters will spend top-dollar on a weapon and other accessories, then go and buy a cheap holster of low quality that will not hold up to hard use and fail the end user. I have been guilty of this in the past — many of us have a “box of shame” in the closet.

I am very picky with what style and brand of holster I use. Regardless of cost, I tend to stick with companies that give me the best product for my dollar. Six months ago, I was looking for a holster for a Glock 34, and after researching, I settled on KMFJ LLC.

KMFJ was founded in 2016 and is based in Houston, Texas. Larry, the company’s designer/owner, is a disabled Special Forces Veteran who spent the majority of his Army career as a Weapons Sergeant. Based on his experiences downrange, he felt many of the holsters on the market were lacking in ergonomics and practical application and were being designed by folks who had never been in a gun fight.

While still on active duty, Larry began designing holsters and testing them downrange, giving warfighters a robust, practical holster for real-world applications. After leaving the Army, Larry went into holster making fulltime, offering his products for sale to the public.

I ended up purchasing two holsters from his DA series: the Gunslinger and the DA Beserker signature. Holsters are available in either black or FDE; camouflage patterns are occasionally offered on a limited basis.

The Gunslinger


1) Adjustable cant and retention.

2) PLM belt clip is easily adjusted to different belt widths and uses little space. Easy to attach or remove. Has a lock on it to keep it secured.

3) Comes from the shop with RMR cutout and ready for threaded barrels and suppressors.

4) Retention strap can be added.


1) Only available for certain models at the time of this writing.

The Gunslinger is an OWB holster designed to be both secure yet substantially faster for the shooter to draw. The ergonomics of this holster are well thought-out. It allowed me to get a proper grip index with or without gloves. The PLM clip kept the holster far enough off my belt to not get in the way of gear or get caught on surroundings. The Gunslinger concealed halfway decently if proper clothing is worn.

On the range, the holster performed to my expectations without any issues. The muzzle end is large enough, so one does not have to worry about stray brass or debris getting into the holster, which could prevent proper re-holstering. I wore this holster for multiple all-day range sessions and have no complaints on the comfort while standing or sitting. While driving it did not get in the way, and I could access my weapon safely.

DA Berserker


1) Very ergonomic.

2) Adjustable belt loops.

3) Simple but effective design.

4) Conceals well.

5) Can be used with some suppressors. I advise contacting KMFJ on compatibility.


1) Retention is not adjustable.

2) Only offered for Glocks at the time of this writing.

Designed for concealed carry, the Berserker is an OWB holster designed to sit close to the body. I liked how it conformed to my hips without hindering the grip index on my weapon. The belt loops are thick and kept the holster rigidly attached to my belt. While shooting drills, the Beserker stayed put, which enabled me to perform a smooth draw and presentation. Retention was excellent for what the holster was designed for. My weapon stayed secured while running and jumping up and down. I have no complaints on concealing this holster. It literally disappeared under a loose shirt without printing. No complaints on comfort; I wore this holster in summer heat for 12-plus hours. At no time did it dig in or get uncomfortable while standing or sitting. I had no difficulty accessing my weapon while using this holster in a vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was impressed by both holsters. They were of excellent quality and craftmanship and provided all-day comfort. These holsters are being used downrange as I write this by Special Operations Forces. Not many companies can claim or prove that, which speaks volumes about this brand, in my opinion.

I do not regret purchasing either one of these products, as both worked for me and my shooting/carry needs. As we know, no two people are built the same. I encourage readers to research what holster style will work for their body type. I have full confidence in both holsters and would trust my life to them. That is a statement I do not use lightly. KMFJ is a small outfit, but Larry has plans to expand and add more models of handguns in the coming year. If you are looking for a tough, no-frills holster that will not fail, check out KMFJ:

Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.