By Greg Chabot
Photos by Sasha Steadman

As my eyes age, I find it more difficult to see red dots and reticles during the day. As I prefer holo style sights for my shooting needs, I was eager to try ETTech’s green dot sights out, and they were kind enough to send me their XPS2 to T&E to try.

My goal was to push the optic to its limit and not be gentle with it. During testing, the optic was left in freezing and wet conditions, as I was trying to replicate the purported issues that had EETech buying back their sights a few years ago (In my opinion, the issues were completely overblown and unfounded.) I own an older 512 model and did not experience any of these supposed issues myself. I am tough on gear, and I do not believe in babying a product my life may depend on. Through the years, my 512 has held up to all the punishment I could dish out. I expected the same from the XPS2; it did not disappoint me.


The XPS2 comes with a 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA dot and powered by a 123-lithium battery. The test sample was attached to the rail by using an Allen screw. A quick detach and night vision compatible model is offered by EOTech for those who prefer those features.

After mounting the optic to my test weapon, I zeroed it at 36 yards and proceeded to engage my defense steel body targets from 10 to 200 yards. As long as I practiced the fundamentals of marksmanship, I had no issues hitting my targets. Where I put the dot, the round went where I wanted it to. While conducting ready-up and target transition drills, I found the green dot/reticle very fast for my eyes to acquire.

During testing, temperatures varied from below freezing to high 60s, fluctuations for which New England weather is notorious. While testing the XPS2, I experienced no shifting of zero during temperature changes or from any rough handling of the optic.
On very bright days, it was very easy to see compared to a red dot. There were no issues with sight acquisition against a green background, for folks who might have that concern.


Overall, I was very impressed with the XPS2. It held its zero through rough handling and a wide variance of temperatures. During testing, there was no fogging of the lens or moisture getting into the battery compartment. The reticle was very crisp and easy to see in all lighting conditions.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I was very happy with the XPS2’s performance and overall quality. I would have no issue in trusting my life to this optic in dangerous situations. When funds permit, my next optic purchase will more than likely be the XPS2 green by EoTech.

Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.