By: Teresa Mull

Hundreds of pro-gun Pennsylvanians filled the state capitol to show their support for the Second Amendment for the 14th year in a row.

WFMZ-TV reports:

Gun owners cheered Monday when the event’s organizer, Republican state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, announced he’ll be asking fellow lawmakers to support his proposal to impeach the Pittsburgh mayor over recently enacted gun regulations.

"The last time I introduced [an] article of impeachment resolution was for [former Attorney General] Kathleen Kane. She’s now serving time on nine counts of crime that she committed," Metcalfe said. "Let’s get rid of this rogue mayor and stop anybody else from joining him."

Gunpowder Magazine reported in February that Pittsburgh has become “ground zero for gun control” since the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, to the point that lawmakers are breaching their elected oaths of office.

“Our Mayor, Bill Peduto (D), has decided he’s going to be the poster boy for gun control,” gun rights activist and retired Air Force Colonel, Val Finnell, told GPM. “The Pittsburgh City Council has introduced three illegal proposals, and Pennsylvania has a preemption law; these proposals would violate the preemption law.

“The preemption law has been tried and tested, and they know they’re going against state law, and they’ve gone on record saying they don’t care – that they’re going to go ahead and defy the law,” Finnell continued. “I was a public official. I’m a retired Air Force Colonel, and I was responsible for making sure that everything I did followed regulations. I would not dream of going against the regulations that I was expected to uphold. Any public official who says they can violate the law with impunity is completely outrageous.”


GPM reported in December 2018 that Peduto’s trio of proposals included (from the NRA): "a total ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, a total ban on several types of common firearms accessories and standard capacity magazines, and the development of a procedure to confiscate an individual’s firearms without due process of law."

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