By: Greg Chabot

With the successful theft of the election by Freedom-Hating Democrats (FHDs) and the traitorous establishment GOP, the thief-elect Joe Biden has already begun his plans to disarm the population of the United States — usurping the Constitution to destroy liberty once and for all. With big-tech and their media lapdogs, FHDs are already pushing their disarmament agenda.

Self-serving politicians of both parties are only interested in personal power and lining their pockets. One has only to look at the erosion of individual rights that came about from panic over the Chinese virus at the state level to see how dangerous unchecked power in the hands of a few can be. It’s being used to oppress the masses through draconian, unconstitutional decrees and destruction of small business. Disarming the people will give these tyrants full control.

I am calling on all gun owners to unite and stand up to all infringements against the Second Amendment. As we can see with Dem-run urban hellholes, no amount of gun control will stop the criminal element from obtaining guns. It will only deprive honest folks the means to defend themselves and will enable tyranny. Anyone who has faith in the Supreme Court to uphold our rights is a fool. They have proven time and time again that they are cowards with no interest in upholding the Constitution.

Look at history to see what happens to a disarmed populace. The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment to prevent tyranny. The people should not fear their government. Just ask someone who survived the Khmer Rouge or lived in Bosnia in the 90s.

So what can you do?

1) Join a gun rights group. There are many out there; do your research and find one that best represents you.

2) Write or call your state reps and governor and demand that they declare your state a 2A sanctuary. Many states have the right to bear arms in their Constitutions. Some are worded stronger than the 2A. Many states have legalized marijuana in defiance of federal law, as an example.

3) Get involved with your state political party to put forth pro-2A candidates for state and federal office. Both parties are equally guilty of corruption. It is time to take them back to grassroots and put forth qualified candidates to oust establishment politicians. Or better yet, start a third party.

4) Take non-gun owners out shooting. The more people who get into our sport the better. Armed people are proud people. And safe people.

5) Stop supporting big tech; they are nothing but communist puppets that censor pro-gun groups on their platforms. Why would you want to put money into someone’s pocket who wants you to be disarmed? And censors your right to free speech? I get by fine without social media. So can you.

6) Call and remind your senators and congressmen who they work for. Have them pledge on the record to oppose any gun control legislation and block ant-gun nominees to head federal law enforcement agencies. At this time, I have little faith in Congress to keep their word on anything (as we saw with the certification of the rigged election). They are out for themselves, not the people.

7) If you live in an urban hellhole or communist-run state, move. Yes, I know it can be scary to pack up and move. If our ancestors had that attitude, though, America would never have become a great nation.

8) Use your right to free assembly and protest. Keep it peaceful and set the example. Do the opposite of what we’ve seen from Antifa and other left-wing terror groups.

Things need to change in our great nation, and it starts with the citizens. Together we can preserve our God-given rights and continue to enjoy our freedoms free from government tyranny.

God Bless America!

Greg Chabot is an Iraq Combat Veteran freelancer, writing from New Hampshire.