By: Teresa Mull

Nevada’s new governor-elect, Steve Sisolak, says several gun control measures top the list of his agenda.

“Sisolak said in an interview with The Associated Press that he wants to see the state ban assault weapons, silencers, and bump stocks…” the Las Vegas Sun reports. “In addition to those changes, Sisolak has said he wants to find a way to enact a 2016-voter-approved background check initiative that Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt and GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval say was flawed and can’t be enforced.”

“This is something that’s extremely important to me,” Sisolak said. “I’ve already been in discussion with some law enforcement and intend to get going on that very, very quickly.”

Sisolak, the Sun reports, “will be the first Democrat in the post in two decades” when he takes office in January 2019. Sisolak will also have many allies in the Legislature, as Democrats achieved a supermajority in the Assembly during the November 2018 midterm elections.

Other States Eye Gun Control
Nevada is on a growing list of states looking to advance gun control next session.
A California assemblyman has proposed legislation “taxing the sale of semi-automatic firearms and using the money to support gun violence prevention programs,” reports.

In Michigan, Fox 2 reported last month, “The Detroit City Council approved a ‘Bullet Bill’ gun control resolution Wednesday with a unanimous vote. The resolution limits ammunition amounts that can be bought while requiring a mental health background check on buyers of ammo in Wayne County.”

A pair of New York lawmakers wants to mandate a thorough vetting of social media accounts belonging to would-be gun buyers.

And the Colorado Sun reports a red-flag gun confiscation bill “will return in the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature.”

Teresa Mull is editor of Gunpowder Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].