Montgomery, AL – The National Association for Gun Rights launched a grassroots political campaign on Wednesday, exposing the fearmongering and deception of Alabama sheriffs who are lobbying lawmakers in Montgomery to oppose Constitutional Carry legislation in 2022.

“It’s sad that certain sheriffs are actually fighting against restoring gun rights to law-abiding Alabamians. Constitutional Carry laws simply recognize what we all know to be true – that the government should not force you to get a permit in order to carry a handgun,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

Constitutional Carry affirms a law-abiding gun owner’s right to keep and bear arms without first having to beg the government for permit, or pay a tax to lawfully carry a handgun.

The Alabama Sheriffs Association (ASA) is working alongside anti-gun groups such as   Moms Demand Action to stop pro-gun Constitutional Carry from becoming law in Alabama this year.

The main fallacious argument from the ASA is that passing Constitutional Carry stops people from voluntarily obtaining permits, and causes a rise in crime. But the data is clear: Constitutional Carry states are among the safest in the country, and there is no impact on permit sales after Constitutional Carry becomes law.

“Spreading lies and inciting fear in an attempt to kill a pro-gun bill is the same kind of underhanded tactics we see from radical leftists across the nation. It’s a shame that many sheriffs in Alabama have resorted to this. That’s why we’re mobilizing our members in supporters in Alabama – cranking up the pressure to make Alabama the 22nd Constitutional Carry state,” concluded Brown.

Alabama’s 2022 Legislative Session kicks off January 11th at the State House in Montgomery.