By: Teresa Mull

As protests, riots, and looting rages across our nation, some heroes are doing their best to subdue the violence.

In Seattle, a Marine veteran-turned security guard disarmed a rioter who had stolen an AR-15 from a police vehicle. reports:

Q13 reporter Brandi Kruse said the rifles were stolen out of police cruisers and they watched as one protester fired the rifle into the cruiser after he stole it. The security guard employed by Q13 to keep their reporters and crew safe moved them around the corner of a building before disarming the first protester and capturing the stolen AR-15 rifle. He then spotted another stolen AR-15 police rifle and rushed forward to capture it as well. This was the moment captured on video. Kruse said the security guard previously served as an infantryman in the Marine Corps.

Watch the video here:

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