By: Teresa Mull

GPM reported earlier this month that Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed several gun control bills into law, including measures to mandate mandatory fees on private sales of firearms, one gun purchase a month, red flag gun confiscation, and penalties for not reporting a lost or stolen gun.

It seems Northam was just getting started.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The majority-Democrat Virginia General Assembly passed two new gun control bills as lawmakers reconvened on Wednesday to tie up loose strings after this year’s session closed in late February.

The two gun laws require individuals under a protective order to turn over firearms within 24 hours and allows local communities to bar firearms from public places with an exemption for institutes of higher education.

Despite shutting down his state’s economy, Northam had the gall to proclaim:

"The work of government must continue, and both the House of Delegates and the Senate stepped up to make sure they conducted legislative business safely, while social distancing, and I appreciate those efforts.”

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