By: Joshua Perry

There is no question that America is in hot water with an ever-approaching Socialist agenda from the new Democrat Party. A significant tenant within the movement is the aggressive targeting of the Second Amendment.

Sure, they’ve spewed the talking points election cycle after election cycle: Mandatory buybacks, banning high capacity magazines, and outlawing “assault rifles.” Conservatives respond via record gun sales, NRA memberships, and pro-2A education to prevent the gun grabbers from assuming office. All such actions are fantastic, however, they are ill-equipped to traverse a new mountain of adversity – the college-educated Millennial.

According to Pew Research, the technical age range of the Millennial Generation encompasses people born between 1981 to 1996. Most of this demographic is now actively working and leading in private business and government. A unique characteristic of Millennials is the high-volume of secondary education that shapes the group. Unlike any generation prior, beginning in elementary school, Millennials were pressured to attend college. They were sold a bill of goods that to be successful, one must gain a four-year diploma. Well-meaning parents celebrated university acceptance letters, but little did they know their children were entering an academic battlefield for the mind.

In 2016, the Econ Journal Watch conducted a study performed by professors from two different academic institutions. Their research proved that liberal professors outnumbered conservatives by a 12 to 1 ratio. Furthermore, the National Association of Scholars reported in 2018 that 39 percent of Ph.D.s in the sample of top-level liberal arts colleges have zero registered Republicans. Such an overwhelming homogenous pattern of thought leads conservative students to censor themselves from discussion out of fear of academic suicide. Given that liberals have a monopoly on the schools, how does this situation influence the Millennial stance on guns?

A recent poll of 554 Millennials conducted by YouGov discovered that nearly 50 percent voted unfavorably for capitalism, and that 70 percent were inclined to elect a Socialist. When you extrapolate that data across a whole generation, you’re talking millions of young people who favor of Socialism. Considering the policies of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their colleagues, it is logical to assume that Millennials will continue to cast ballots for politicians who favor firearm restrictions. Although Socialism is more economical than a gun-specific policy, there is undeniable historical evidence that Socialist-led countries almost immediately seek to thwart the right to keep arms.

An interesting notion worth highlighting is that Millennials aren’t voting specifically for gun control actions, but a falsely perceived overall wellbeing for Americans. Promises of socialized medicine, student loan forgiveness, and free college tuition are the points of persuasion. While alarming, conservatives should remain optimistic about winning over Millennials.

We cannot, however, only promote the Second Amendment once every four years and act as if it’s a viable defense against a group who sat under Socialist indoctrination for four years.

As a Millennial myself, I recognize that my contemporaries and I are the future gatekeepers of one of America’s most important natural rights. Patriots, we must engage the fight with greater concentration on education. We need to teach the importance of the Second Amendment and its relation to Socialist nations. Depending on the current political climate’s trajectory, Millennials will secure our liberties for decades to come or trade them away for a mirage of safety. Our Founding Fathers bravely risked their lives to protect our God-given right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. As an optimist, I have faith that we will continue in their tradition, but it won’t happen on its own.

Joshua Perry is a lifelong Florida resident that concentrates on American politics, constitutional policies, and cultural trends. For more content, follow him on Twitter and Parler @RealJoshPerry.