By: José Niño

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has signed an executive order to allow gun stores and shooting ranges to reopen.

No compromise gun organization Gun Owners of America (GOA) stood out in this case by taking legal action against the state of Massachusetts and demanding that it reopen both gun stores and shooting ranges.

On other occasions, GOA has turned up legal pressure against states such as Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland for taking advantage of the Wuhan virus to enact gun grabs. GOA was successful in each case.

“Not only is it essential to be able to acquire firearms in times of uncertainty, it’s equally important to have the ability to train with those firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Senior Vice President of GOA. “That is why GOA relentlessly fought to reopen not only gun stores, but also shooting ranges as well. Gun Owners of America is pleased with the Governor’s decision to recognize the importance of Second Amendment businesses.”

Groups like GOA can be counted on to defend the Second Amendment rights of Americans where many establishment gun lobbies dare not go. State and local battles are where many gun owners can shine when the federal government is unresponsive to the demands of gun owners. The battle to preserve our rights requires us to remain vigilant at all levels of government.

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