Man Defends Family with Rifle as Intruders Hold Them at Gunpoint

By: Teresa Mull

A Texas man used a rifle to fend off three home intruders who were holding his family at gunpoint.

Port Arthur Police reported three armed men forced their way into the home after the mother of two boys returned home. A police news release said the homeowner "...led to the male resident arming himself with a rifle and confronting the assailants 'in protection of his young children.'"

12newsnow reports:

The 29-year-old homeowner heard the commotion and came out of another room with a rifle to confront the robbers and protect his young children, Port Arthur Police said in news releases. He fired several shots at one of the men, who died. The other two suspects fled the area before officers arrived at the scene. points out in this instance the fallacy of gun controllers who insist “no one needs more than 10 rounds.” The homeowner fired “several” shots, and could easily have needed several more, had the other two suspects not fled, especially if the other criminals had fired on him. It's also likely the homeowner used a so-called "assault rifle" to save the lives of his loved ones.

Teresa Mull ( is editor of Gunpowder Magazine.

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